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Started Working on Wedding Plan Today

So we have not yet set the date yet, but we already had this guy my brother in law recommended do the engagement photography. I have not yet though about when we are going to send them out, but we are working on that. Of course when you get a date you need to know a couple of other things as well. The important thing is where it is going to be and after that you need to think about how big of a production you are going to make it out to be. It is not as though you have just a single way to do the thing. You can do as much as you can afford to do or as little as you would like to pay for.

If you wanted to be as cheap as possible of course you just would not tell any other people that you were going to do it. You would go get a marriage license and stand in front of a judge or a justice of the peace to have the wedding. That costs you the cost of the wedding license I assume. Of course we are going to try to have a small wedding which will cost a reasonable amount of money. We figure that we probably can get this friend of mine to lend us a piece of land where we can have a big tent. So long as the weather is nice it shall be a good enough solution. Of course a thunder storm would make it in to a disaster. We can find some people to make the food, we figure a nice home cooked meal.

Off Site Data Storage is a Better Option

I have been taking pictures since I was a kid. As the years went by I got better and better cameras. I have boxes and boxes of prints and negatives from my film years. Now I shoot only digital images and print what I can sell. The thing about digital is that I need redundant storage to not lose the precious images that are my income. I go to to have my entire portfolio of digital imagery backed up.

Now you need to understand that RAW image files are huge. Each one is several megabytes in size. Storing them off site gives me piece of mind, especially with a backup storage option in the cloud that has redundancy built in. I used to use what is called a RAID system of hard drives. Each drive in the RAID had an exact copy of what was on the other drives. That is great for having multiple copies of files, but not great if you have physical damage where your files are stored. My studio was broken into once, and the neighboring building caught on fire. We only had smoke damage. However, that was when we decided to use a more secure means of backing up data at

These places where the data is kept securely are designed much better than your average home or business when it comes to physical protection of data. Plus, most backup businesses offer redundant storage at different locations making losing data very unlikely. A lot less likely than losing backups you keep on your own. If I lost all of my images, I would go bankrupt. This is why I use a backup system I feel I can rely on to keep all of my data safe. My old RAID system is actually sitting in a closet unused now.

The Best Deals Are on Cyber Monday

I’m stoked. I love this time of year, especially November. I cannot wait for the great Cyber Monday 2014 deals this time around. Every year since the first Cyber Monday has been better than the previous. This year I’m better prepared for it since I’ve managed to save enough money to actually buy more than just a couple of items. While I don’t have any plans to buy any large purchases, I do want to take advantage of some of the deals that Amazon typically has! I would love to pick up a new Kindle reader and maybe even one of their Fire tablets.

Ever since Cyber Monday began I have stopped shopping on Black Friday. I think more and more consumers are beginning to choose Cyber Monday over Black Friday as their ideal shopping day. With more shops beginning to open up later in the day on Thanksgiving, I feel like this is in direct response to Cyber Monday. They know that they are losing out on money to be made because of the competition posed by Cyber Monday as the generation raised with the Internet has become the modern consumer with a greater dislike of brick and mortar entities.

It’s a bummer that physical store fronts are forcing their employees to work on a day that they should be able to enjoy with their families. It’s one of the few holidays that many of us are able to see family that we haven’t all year and we should be able to enjoy it to its fullest. I hope that Costco and the other companies that are keeping their doors shut on Thanksgiving are able to inspire, or at least guilt, other stores in doing the same. They are truly a company that should be admired by all Americans.

Electronic Cigarettes Online for Sale

I am tired of all of the coughing that comes along with my habit of smoking cigarettes. As such, I have been trying to quite for awhile. But it is not working for me, and I am instead going to try to just change the source of nicotine that I use. I am going to try to figure out if I can find ecigs for cheap, or how much they cost in general. Those are both questions that I do not have answers to at the moment, but they are questions that I need to find answers to.

Anyway, I am never going to be able to figure out how much they cost, unless I can find a site that has them for sale on the web. I know I could get them pretty much anywhere, but I want to look online, because I have this feeling that I am going to be able to find better deals online, than if I were to go to a store in an attempt to find a store that has them for good prices.

I want to know what the best flavors of electronic cigarette liquids are. I have seen the names of some of the flavors, but I am sure that there are a lot more that I do not know about. I am kind of curious in trying different flavors, because it is something different. I used to smoke clove cigarettes, but then they stopped making them or something. I am not sure what happened to them, but they were pretty nice. Maybe they will have a type of cigarette that is similar to the cigarettes that I used to buy. That would be pretty cool, and it would probably ease the transition from using regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

High Quality Content for New Blog Owners

When I discovered via the Warrior Forum earlier this week, I knew right then and there that I had found the search engine optimization service that I have been looking for. For two months now I have been relying almost solely on my domain’s hosting company and their SEO services which they claim to be able to provide top ten keyword ranking. Unfortunately for them they have not been able to deliver on the goods. Whenever I’ve complained to them regarding it, they only told me that it would take more time. Sure, that’s true and it can take time – if the service lacks a great network and the content to embed links into!

This company, Liftmyrank, was able to take my small portfolio of keywords and bring up keywords that were sitting in the top 20 and top 30 in results to top ten results. It might not be the top 5 that I was hoping for but even I know that I’m not going to get those kinds of results with the keywords of choice that I’ve been using. My website’s target audience isn’t very niche which only complicates the challenge even further but I’m happy with the top 10 that they’ve been able to provide.

Being a blog writer on the web, especially one as small as mine, it’s very important that I am able to maintain a portfolio of keywords that will continue to be sustainable through these early months as I establish my presence. The longer that my blog is around and the more content that I am able to generate for it the better the page ranking will be in time, especially as I network myself with other blog writers. However, this is going to definitely take some time but I’m patient enough to make it happen.

More Options for Electricity in Texas

I was just on the site for this one company that does electricity in Texas. That was a really weird way of saying that, and I have no idea why it came out that way. My brain does stuff that boggles my mind from time to time. I guess that is kind of a weird sentence too, and I wonder if it actually makes any sense. Not the time to have a philosophical debate though, because I want to view more options electricity in my area. I have never lived in Texas before, and so I did not initially realize that there would be so many options for electricity.

I wonder how that effects the price. I do not even remember what I was paying for electricity before I moved to Texas, in terms of how much it cost per unit of electricity. But I guess that I could look that up, since I have all of my bills online and such. Anyway, it probably doesn’t matter very much, but it is just something that I would like to know. I am a very curious person by nature, and I do think that is a good thing.

But anyway, I am going to try to figure out as much as I can, and learn which company will be best for me to use to get electricity from in the future. I need to get electricity hooked up pretty soon, because I am going to be moving into my new place pretty soon and it would be nice to have power. Without power, I won’t even be able to do something as basic as take a hot shower. I could live without it otherwise, for a couple of days, but not being able to take a shower would just really not be fun.

Finding Best Prices for Electricity in Texas

I have never been to Texas before, and I am pretty sure that I had never planned on visiting Texas previously. But now I am living here, and I have to make the best of it. A friend of mine told me to click here on a link that has a list of the different electricity companies in Texas and my initial reaction was one of shock. Because I had not even considered the fact that there could be a collection of different electricity companies in the state to choose from. It was quite a novel idea to me, being from out of state, and unfamiliar with the idea of multiple power companies.

Where I am from, you just have the one municipal power company and that is who you have to buy your electricity from. It is a type of legislated monopoly that exists due to regulation concerns. But the model in Texas seems to suggest that the regulation concerns are immaterial and that it such restrictions should probably be abolished. I am kind of concerned about this fact, because it is more than a bit startling to me.

But I should stop talking about political policy, because it is not the heart of the matter. The main issue is that I need to get electricity hooked up in the near future, and I would really like to do this sooner, than latter, because until then I will be in the dark. I mean that quite literally, I have moved into my apartment and there is no electricity and I kind of feel like I am trapped in some sort of 19th century purgatory. In fact, I really reminds me of Jane Austin, who I find to be quite dreadfully boring. I know that my wife does not agree with me at all though.