Bent fins on betta, fin rot?

  1. Hes in a filtered and heated 10 gallon, live plants and driftwood. He has seemed fine for his whole life, but suddenly he has developed fin rot (ragged, bunt black edges, clumped together fins) and some parts of his fins looks bent 90 degrees. I have added stress coat and will get some aquarium salt later today. Anything else I should do?
    *blunt, not bunt

    Answer by Fish lover
    fin rot can spread quickly, my suggestion to raise the heater temperature up to 29-30C slowly ( 1-2C every two hours) , also add a aquarium salt which will help to slow down the fin rot from spreading ( 1 full table spoon per every 5gallons of water, make sure you disolve the aquarium salt in warm water before you add it to the fish tank) , do water changes at least every 3-4 days 40% of the fish tank water. keep your fish calm and stress free such as make sure the fish tank its not being placed in noisy place etc.

    also i would suggest you to take out the live plant out of fish tank and put them into other different fish tank or bucket as the aquarium salt can harm the live plants and make the fin rot treatment even difficult to work.

    also try to purchase the fin rot liquid treatment and when you add fin rot liquid treatment or any types of medication or salt make sure you take out the carbon filter sponge out of the filter so the treatment will work.

  2. Hi everyone! I have been struggling with what may possibly be fin rot for a couple weeks now. I am currently treating with medicated food. I have not yet used external treatments because I am not really sure if its truly fin rot. It started out as a tear type thing in the side of his back fin. It didnt start by fraying at the ends like most of the stories and pictures I have seen. Can this just be an injury? Hes a fancy goldfish in with 1 other fancy. It gets better on and off but doesnt seem to be getting worse. Does this sound like fin rot???? The rest of his fins are fine and it is only in this one area. Thanks!

    Answer by Josh
    not really. His fins might be just getting nipped. By now the fish would die if it was/is fin rot.Hope I helped!

  3. I noticed two of my corys have a sections of fin/tail missing. One is missing a strip on his tail and another is missing a chunk on his dorsal fin, this one has also been lying still(more than usual). Firstly, Does this sound like fin rot? How should I go by treating this?
    The missing pieces arnt ragged, but clean chunks.

    Answer by kg22
    sounds more like they are nipping at each other & losing part of their fins in the process.

  4. My bettas fins are shorter and look torn. I noticed it the day after I did a complete water change. They look all ripped and torn in the back. Is it because of the filter? Its the aqueon 2.5 filter.

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    Answer by Jane
    are they eating each other

  5. I got my two fish about 2 years ago. They are feeder fish (the ones you feed to other fish) but I raised them as regular fish. I love them but now the have fin rot and I cant help them! Their fins are all ragged and they look terrible. I need help on some remedies! Please help!!!!!!

    Answer by Robert
    It sounds like they have it pretty bad. raise the water temperature up to high 70s, add 1 teaspoon per 3 gallons of kosher salt, and treat with either tetracycline, oxytetracycline, or Maracyn 2 until the edges of the fins start looking better( no off- colored edges). If you are using people tetracycline, the dose for fish is one 250 mg. cap in 10 gallons of water.