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  1. Minor Miracle- Sworn To Vengeance- Mad Cat Habitat- Th13rteen Years- Fates Last Fight- Epic Season- The Oath Between Us- Sails- Sworn to Remember- Get A Grip- JONEE EARTHQUAKE BAND
    Event on 2014-04-26 20:00:00
    Benefit show with proceeds going to the Oncology Department at Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster.

    at TBA Theatres Rialto
    80 Main St
    Lancaster, United States

  2. Southland LibertyFest
    Event on 2014-04-26 14:00:00

    Southland LibertyFest 2014 is a one day festival of AMAZING liberty minded speakers from all over the country!

    One of our confirmed speakers is Adam Kokesh. Kokesh, a former U.S. marine and Iraq war veteran, is an activist who is best known for his new media presence through "Adam vs The Man." Kokesh is a noteworthy public speaker and will be giving us insight into his new book.

    Also confirmed, Tony Stiles, host of the fastest growing radio show in America – the nationally syndicated 'Tony Stiles Show' – Stiles is a well known media commentator seen on Fox News, CNN, and hundreds of radio programs nationwide. At age 33, Stiles is already an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist having businesses and charities on three continents.

    Another speaker, Kristen Meghan, worked in the field of Bioenvironmental Engineering for the U.S. Air Force as an Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist who speaks out against geoengineering and contaminants in our foods, water, and air. She is the self-proclaimed "Loud Mouth Liberty Enforcer".

    Senator Nathan Dahm will be speaking. He is an Oklahoma State senator who is promoting the "Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act" in Oklahoma defining the second amendment as a persons right to bare arms without government approval and recently debated Piers on his show. The newest speaker, RJ Harris, is an officer in the National Guard and a 3-time combat veteran. RJ recently received his law degree and is currently opening up his own practice. In 2012 RJ made a run for the Libertarian Presidential nomination, but ultimately didn't receive it. He later ran against Tom Cole for his OK Congressional seat as an independent. We have now added Oklahoma State Senator Connie Johnson. She will be discussing her proposed bills to decriminalize and legalize marijuana in Oklahoma and the connection between the private prison industry and the fact that the state of Oklahoma imprisons more women per capita than any country on the earth.

    More big names are on the way if we can raise more money.
    At the end of each speakers time, they will be taking questions from the audience over whatever you would like to ask them. We cannot achieve this goal however without your help! General admission tickets are 20$ in advance or 25$ at the door. We are offering several different sponsor packages which are as follows:

    Web ad
    Name in flier
    Free shirt

    SILVER: 0
    Everything in bronze
    Name on shirt
    Two tickets
    Two shirts

    GOLD: 5
    Everything in silver
    Half off additional tickets
    Backstage pass

    Everything in gold
    Five free tickets
    Autographed shirts
    Name said on stage twice during the event

    Premier/Presents Sponsors:
    This is a person/persons or company/companies who are willing to spend at least 1,000$ to help with the cost of this event. Please let me know of you are interested in this package as there are many more details to come on this package.

    If you are a business and purchase a sponsorship package of any size, you may also set up a table (which we provide for you) or a booth (you would bring with you of standard 8-10 ft long size) for an extra 100$ . You will not be able to sell merchandise however as we are getting this lineup for an extremely generous discounted price and some of the speakers will be selling merchandise to help with their cost and we do not want to take money out of their pockets. However, you may give away shirts, pens, information etc about your business or activism. Again, this is not just a libertarian event. We are expecting people from all over the political spectrum to be in attendance. We are a people who believe in individual liberty and responsibility and feel it is time for people to start actively engaging in these topics, so we have committed 100% to this event. The purpose of Southland LibertyFest is to educate and engage in the issues. We want people to hear about chemicals from a bio-chemist, the second amendment from someone who took the oath to defend it with their life, liberty from young people all over the country, and to encourage engagement in the issues and combat complacency and indifference. These are all very well respected professionals/activists and we are grateful they are coming to Shawnee. We hope you will join us in the cause and thank you for your time and consideration.

    For questions you can email jasoncmcphail@gmail.com

    or email conde33185@gmail.com

    at Shawnee Municipal Airport

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    Paddy Power

    2202 Airport Dr
    Shawnee, United States

  3. Finish the Ride
    Event on 2014-04-27 08:00:00
    Finish the Ride
    Help promote bicycle safety and demand safer streets in Southern California, so pedestrians and bicyclists dont have to fear the possibility of being part of a hit-and-run!

    In February of 2013, Damian was in a hit-and-run accident while bicycling to Griffith Park. Hit by a van and dragged along with it, his leg was amputated in the recovery. Damian made an oath after the accident, saying There was no way that I was going to have that accident and not get back on my bicycle. Join Damian and hundreds of others in finishing his ride to Griffith Park at the first-ever Finish the Ride event.

    There will be three great rides ranging from beginner (6 miles) to advanced (23 miles), as well as live music, great food and vendor booths, a free raffle, and silent auction. The registration fee includes a stylish t-shirt and goodie bag loaded with coupons, treats, and swag! Sport Chalet is proud to support this event, for additional details visit the Finish the Ride website.

    at Corner of Sunset Blvd. and L. Ron Hubbard Way

    Los Angeles, United States