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Numerous Amazing pocket Pix

  1. Pocket
    Image by hoveringdog
    Retired these jeans earlier. Theyd seen better days. Keeping the sexy thrift-store sweater, though … Thats "charity-shop jumper" to the rest of you … Good thing Im bilingual …

  2. Sackboy Pocket
    Image by Louish Pixel
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    I started Project 365 not knowing the challenge that was ahead of me. I was completely blindsided after the first week of photos. People were saying it was because I was setting the bar too high and doing photos that were too complicated for project 365. Ive always had the saying "If youre not going to do your best, then why do it at all." Im a perfectionist. I didnt like the feeling of forcing myself to have to come up with an idea every day, and even if I didnt like the idea, I still had to do it. Photography is my hobby, and Id like to keep it that way. Project 365 was turning into a job that I didnt want to be at, and most important, I wasnt trying my hardest on every photo. Sometimes I would just run out of time, I had no ideas, so I would quickly take a photo just to satisfy the requirement of doing one each day. Personally, I dont want to clutter my portfolio with this type of work. This project certainly added a huge amount of amazing images to my portfolio that I am very proud of, and I would of never been able to do it without doing the Project. I dont know where this brings me. I know Im not doing a photo every day anymore. I will try to do photos as often as possible, but I would love to have an idea I actually like before doing it. I also want to create more online tutorials and videos… maybe some videos with actual production value that isnt thrown together at midnight so I can get my photo done. I just want to thank everyone who follows my work. I have a lot more followers now than I did back in December before I started this project.

  3. The Far Side of White Pocket
    Image by snowpeak
    This is the other (northwest) side of the big rock at the White Pocket. You can see a couple of little spires rising near the base of the foreground rock.

  4. pocket watch
    Image by PMillera4