what are the substitute of plastic bags?

  1. Which are the cheap & best substitutes of plastic bags?

    Answer by Rolando A
    paper bag

  2. I have a few Questions…
    1. Why recycle Plastic bags (in like stores )
    2. How many people recycle them
    3. Links?????

    Answer by bunnylover1987
    i keep every single plastic bag i ever get and just keep reusing them but generally i use cotton bags when i go out knowing im going to buy something.

  3. Im really into conserving the environment, and Ive decided Im going to try and do something about plastic shopping bags. In my city, the recycling place wont take plastic bags, because they arent able to recycle them for some reason. Ive found a site that taught me how to make plastic shopping bags into really good reusable ones, so I want to start making them.
    Basically I want to get a good statement that I can tell people about why re-usable is better. Most dont know that the bags arent recyclable, so they recycle them, but then they just end up in a dump. Others just throw them out, thinking theyre biodegradable enough to just not care.
    Sorry I realize Ive been ranting a bit :P. Basically I need a list or explanation of why plastic bags are bad. Thanks!
    Oh, and if anyone is interested in making the re-usable bags, heres the website: http://www.instructables.com/id/Woven-Plastic-Bag-Bag/?ALLSTEPS

    Answer by Oliverr
    Also, plastic bags do NOT make good condoms.

  4. California has passed a bill which bans plastic grocery bags in stores! I have 3 problems with this because I live in California. 1) I dont get the point since. The paper ones are killing trees so the reasons must not be environmental. 2) The paper ones rip very easily so this is such bologna! 3) If you dont bring your own bags to the store you have to pay for the grocery bags at checkout! After buying groceries, you have to pay for bags so that you can carry the groceries you bought. Wtf?

    So where online can I get some plastic store grocery bags? I plan on using them personally and maybe selling them as well. The demand will be high. The reusable grocery bags arent realistic since Id have to carry so many. I dont get one or two bags of groceries when I go to the store. I fill the cart. So that idea is out
    Fuck the law
    F*ck F*ck F*ck

    Answer by fitz 1969
    if they are banned, then i doubt if the grocery store will allow you to bring them in. stands to reason they might feel that they will get the fine if you are in their store with the bags.

    as far as selling them, perhaps other people will want to obey the law.
    i went to canvas bags years ago. they hold so much more, and are so much easier to carry.
    if you have something you think might leak, i take one of the light weight bags from produce and put it inside of that.
    also, the trees they use for paper bags are planted mostly for that use. paper products.

    sorry, but i think you will be dead in the water if you try to take plastic into the store.

  5. Anybody know why they can recycle plastic bottles and yet they cant recycle plastic bags? I think every household got more plastic bags than plastic bottles. All the stores Ive been to always give me more than enough plastic bags to carry the stuff I buy, and I dont even buy a lot of stuff. I kind of save the plastic bags, and now they are like a big pile. I thought if I threw them away like everyone else, would that be bad for the environment? I saw a documentary about plastic bags are very difficult to decompose in the ground, in fact, even after one thousand years, they still look the same. So why would they just recycle plastic bags like they recycle plastic bottles? After all, they are all plastics.Random Sponsor Contribution relating to 7red -

    Answer by kcguy6935
    Most grcery stores do recycle them but even better get about ten inexpensive reusable bags (canvas is good) stick them in your car and use them then plastic bags dont need to consume the energy needed to recycle them or even make them in the first place