what is a irrgular shape?

  1. is a irrgular shape a similar,usual,normal or uneven?

    Answer by lost soul
    irregular shape is the shape that doesnt have any 90 degrees angle. examples of regular shapes are the square,rectangle, triangle…
    got it?
    also irregular shapes arent always uneven.

  2. Ive searched the internet for it and couldnt find it, so could you tell me :

    What is a compound shape?
    Thanks in advance by the way :)

    Answer by awramale
    A compound shape is editable art consisting of two or more objects, each assigned a shape mode. Compound shapes make it easy to create complex shapes because you can precisely manipulate the shape mode, stacking order, shape, and location for each path included. Within a compound shape, you can include paths, compound paths, groups, other compound shapes, blends, text, envelopes, and warps, any of which can carry live effects. Open paths included in compound shapes are automatically closed.

    Compound shapes act as grouped objects. To select components of a compound shape, use the direct-selection tool or the group-selection tool. To make changes to the stacking order of the components

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    By the way, I forgot to say: thanks in advance:)

    Answer by ALEXBROWN
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